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Cosme-Haul Late Fall Product Review: Ruffian Nail Lacquer (Shade: Delirium purple)

By Randi Reed

Disclosure per FTC Blog Disclosure rules and The Cosme-Haul Pledge: This product was received in my Birchbox, as part of my regular paid subscription, and I purchased a second bottle as well. The Birchbox invitation link at the end of this article earns Birchbox points toward my purchases when someone subscribes, which I use to purchase more products to review. (All Birchbox subscribers receive points when someone purchases from their shared link: a win-win for everyone!) I've linked to Ruffian's Birchbox product pages so you can see the product photos better, but I don't earn commission from purchases via the Ruffian links.
Ah, late autumn…the time of year when fallen leaves, frost, and Thanksgiving fill one’s thoughts, along with holiday sweaters and…new nail colors! The subtler outdoor light, the heavier wardrobe, and reminders that the Holidays are upon us make this the perfect time to experiment with different colors than you’d normally wear. Maybe you'd like to go darker or moodier, or perhaps even a little livelier with shimmer, if the leaves where you live have fallen off the trees and you’re feeling stuck in a barren world of gray.

Enter Ruffian, the New York-based fashion label that teamed up with Birchbox in September 2013 to launch their first nail color line, Ruffian Nail Lacquer. The line of colors is small—just six colors to start—but three of them were chosen by Birchbox's Facebook page readers and comprise a range that manages to go from classic (“Naked,” a beigey-pinky neutral, and “Ruffian Red,” a true, classic red), to edgy (“Hedge Fund,” a sagey olive green containing a subtle gold sheen, and “Delirium,” a metallic purple). Also included in Ruffian’s Nail Lacquer line are a base coat, a top coat, and a stencil set and matte coat to change up your look.

I was pleased to receive the “Delirium” color in my September Birchbox and liked it so much I bought a bottle of it. It’s a lovely purple metallic that’s perfect for autumn but will make an easy transition for a winter holiday outfit (it’s exactly the color of purple satin). For those who remember the “Just a Little Dangerous” purple from Sephora’s “Rock Star Collection” a few years ago, “Delirium” is brighter and not as moody. (As its name implies, Delirium is a very happy color.) It’s not for everyone, particularly if you work in a conservative environment, but it's a fun change for a holiday party. If wearing it on your hands still isn’t appropriate, it’s a great pick-me-up for a pedicure. (I wear it as a manicure on short nails, but I work in a creative environment.)

The texture of Ruffian Nail Lacquer makes it easy to use and not at all streaky, and its excellent coverage means that depending on the color, you might sneak by with just one coat. It dries fairly fast for its coverage, and In terms of wear, it’s extremely long-lasting. That was the most pleasant surprise: with my favorite heavy-duty top coat, my manicure lasted almost two weeks with occasional edge touchups—far longer than what I usually get with O.P.I. or Essie.

If you're a packaging junkie, the adorability factor of the bottle will get you. I found the shape of the cap made it especially easy to hold onto when painting my right hand.  

The only drawback? Those adorable bottles are tiny compared to other brands… Then again, that may be a plus for color collectors who have trouble getting through an entire bottle.

All in all, I found Ruffian Nail Lacquer to be a great product for its $10.00 U.S. price and would buy it again.

Score: 9.5 out of 10.

2 coats applied from different angles to catch theshimmer (on Bright White printer paper in 10AM sun). On my monitor this is pretty true to color.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Same time, same paper, same light, different shot. On my monitor the top photo is a little closer to the actual color.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

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