Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome to Cosme-Haul! Our Pledge To Our Readers

Welcome to Cosme-Haul, and thank you for starting on this journey with us.

As Cosme-Haul’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I should probably introduce myself, but I’d prefer to focus on the subject of this blog, and my purpose in creating it.

Cosme-Haul is a celebration of the world of cosmetics. It’s a celebration of products. We experiment. We play. We love a wide variety of looks. Sometimes that involves wearing “crazy” colors. Sometimes that involves “classic” looks. Sometimes it’s high-end. Sometimes it’s drugstore. That’s very important to me, and it’s the reason this blog came about: I wanted a cosmetics blog that embraces differences and doesn’t judge.

That’s why when I created this blog I made a bold decision: there will be no comments on this blog. I’m tired of seeing comment sections of makeup and fashion blogs that are full of people judging and sniping at each other, aren’t you?

As a reader, if you happen to enjoy, for example, orange eye shadow and green hair, who are we or other readers to tell you not to? You should be free to read about, look-at, and experiment with a variety of looks without being inhibited by random strangers in the blogosphere. Makeup is supposed to be fun! The only thing that matters is what you think. Consider Cosme-Haul your safe place to celebrate everything cosmetics. (That goes for our social media, too.)

Before I Cosme-Haul it on out of here, a pledge to our readers:

1.       If we got the product free of charge, we tell you.

2.       If we purchased the product ourselves, we tell you.

3.       If the article is a sponsored article or contains a sponsored product, we tell you.

4.       If we don’t like a product, we tell you why.

5.       If a post, article, or guest blogger appearance is sponsored content, or if the writer works for or with that company, we tell you, up front, in the introductory paragraph of the post.

6.       If an article or review contains links to buy the product through one of our affiliate partners—which most of ours do, because that’s how we keep this place going--we tell you that, too.

(Added 11/27: ) Lastly, I want to give you a fair shot at seeing the products the real way, as they'd look on you. That means no Photoshop-ing to make things look "prettier." While we have no control over photos that are provided by or obtained by other sources, we pledge not to Photoshop the photos we take ourselves, with the exception of necessary cropping. Whenever possible, we'll do them in natural light, and we'll leave them in their natural state. That may mean our blog isn't quite as "pretty" as some others. I'm OK with that, because I want you to have real deal info.

Thanks for reading. Ready to have fun? Let’s go!

Randi Reed

Founder / Editor-in-Chief
Monday, November 25, 2013

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