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Product Review: Benefit Good Time Gals Tint, Primer, and Luminizer Set

By Randi Reed
Disclosure: Product purchased by me. Links to Benefit products are provided for the reader's convenience and do not earn commission. Prices are in US dollars as purchased in the US and are provided for reference only.

Running low on Benefit "That Gal” primer, and preferring Benefit’s tube packaging to the dispenser of the full-sized product, I recently purchased the Benefit Goodtime Gals set to review:

osietint Lip and Cheek Stain deluxe mini 2.5 mL, 0.08 US fl. oz

Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl for the Face deluxe mini 7.5 mL, 0.25 US fl. oz

“That Gal” Brightening Primer deluxe mini 7.5 mL, 0.25 US fl. oz.

Here you can see how small the box is. (Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

The Goodtime Gals, left to right: Benefit Posietint, Girl Meets Pearl, and "That Gal," with a quarter for size comparison. (Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain: Not being that into pink, I don’t use Posietint often, but this pale bubblegum cousin to Benetint makes a lovely pale lip when lightly applied and topped with a bit of gloss. The gel consistency takes some getting used to and is easy to over-do, especially on the lips, so go sparingly at first. Posietint is buildable, though, so no worries if you’ve under-done. As a powder blush person I’ve only used Posietint as a cheek stain a few times, but it gives a gentle but decidedly pink pop of color, especially for fair to medium light skin tones. (I’m not sure it would show up on darker skin tones, as it's a sheer gel, but if it works for you DM me on Twitter @CosmeHaul and I’ll be happy to update.) As a plus, the dual purpose of Posietint means your blush and lip color won't clash and saves space for travel.

Score: 7 out of 10 because I’m not a “pink” girl, 8 if I was.

Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl for the Face:  Being a Benefit High Beam fan, I’d never used Girl Meets Pearl but was game to try a new product. Unfortunately, when this girl met Pearl, we didn’t get along so well. On me, this shimmer was more “hardened Vegas back room stripper named Pearl” than pretty ethereal fairyland pearly lightness. Unlike High Beam, Girl Meets Pearl seemed to settle into tiny fine lines I never even knew I had, and I didn’t find the champagne-y pearl color as flattering to my fair skin as the pale pinkness of High Beam.

Texture-wise, Girl Meets Pearl feels lightweight, and it’s somewhere between a lotion and a cream, which feels nice on the skin but makes it extremely easy to over-do. I recommend an abundance of caution when applying, unless you want to look like a florescent moon-man.

As a final negative, the packaging looks similar enough to “That Gal” that being new to the products plus being in a hurry could equal trouble. If you use both, I recommend storing “Girl Meets Pearl” in a separate location, perhaps with your special occasion makeup.

On a positive note, Girl Meets Pearl does have an extremely light, pleasant scent that doesn’t trigger my fragrance sensitivities, which is always appreciated. Also, although Girl Meets Pearl doesn’t work for me “as is,” it may still work as a nighttime lipstick changer by mixing a bit into a drab matte.

Comparison: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl and Benefit High Beam: Girl Meets Pearl is a warmer, champagne-pearl color that frosts to a champagne shimmer, whereas High Beam is a cooler, pinky-pearl color that frosts to an icy pinkish-white. Girl Meets Pearl has a thinner consistency than High Beam, so it sinks into the skin a bit more, whereas High Beam, while equally blendable, sits more on top of the skin and provides a smoother finish. (Without primer, I find Girl Meets Pearl emphasizes fine lines and uneven skin texture more than High Beam, so apply with caution.) For face I prefer High Beam because in addition to all the above, the nail polish style wand-in-lid applicator makes for precise dotting sparingly on cheekbones or eyelids. As a shimmer for shoulders, legs, or decolletage, Girl Meets Pearl may work better, because its thinner consistency would make it easier to apply to larger areas or for mixing into another product.

Score: 4 out of 10.

“That Gal” Brightening Face Primer: I bought the Benefit Goodtime Gals trio specifically for “That Gal.” ”That Gal” has been one of my every day go-to products since I first tried it two years ago, and when I use it I often get compliments on how great my skin looks. Applied sparingly, “That Gal” makes my ultra-fair skin seem brighter, yet you can’t see “product,” and it’s not glittery or shimmery. It’s also extremely lightly scented and doesn’t irritate my face (which is as sensitive as it is pale).

The thinner consistency of “That Gal,” as compared to most primers, may take getting used to at first, but I like that it’s lighter and blends into the skin better while getting the job done. I also like that it takes less, and I find its creamy consistency easier to work with than many primers.

My preferred method of applying “That Gal” is to use it sparingly, on my cheekbones and from eyelids to brow bones (either as eye shadow base or for a fast bare-eye look that instantly makes my eyes look more awake). I also apply a tiny bit in the dark, shadowy inner corners of the eyes, and sometimes I’ll use a tiny dot or two before my under-eye concealer. (“That Gal” can be used as an all-over brightening  face primer, but I prefer to use it where the focus should be and apply original Smashbox elsewhere. Experiment to find what works best for you.)

Score: 10 out of 10.

Overall impression of the Goodtime Gals set:

On Benefit’s Goodtime Gals product page, Benefit calls the sizes of these products “deluxe mini” but that’s a bit of a stretch. As you can see by the photos where I've photgraphed them next to a quarter for size comparison, the Goodtime Gals are seriously mini. They’re smaller than many samples other brands send out via Birchbox for $10US for four or five products, and Goodtime Gals was  $17US at Sephora, so I’m glad I  purchased on a day when Sephora had lots of good Beauty Insider freebies. On the Benefit webiste, it's $15US.

If, however, you want to try something new without buying a full-sized product, or if you need travel sizes of a favorite or two that won’t put a dent in your TSA 3-1-1 liquids and gels limit, this may be for you.

Would I buy this set again? Probably not, if I can get my next tube of “That Gal” by itself or in another set (I’m good on Posietint, thanks).

Score for Goodtime Gals set:  6 out of 10.

For size comparison, the 2013 Sephora Beauty Insider birthday freebie next to the Goodtime Gals set.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)
 Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday freebie minis of Benefit They're Real! and Watt's Up next to the Goodtime Gals, which were $17 for the set of three. (Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

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