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Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival 645

By Randi Reed

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself.  Before I started this blog, I reviewed this product on under the username LAGlamRGrl.

Today’s February Reds post is a red lipstick that many makeup artists and beauty editors claim “works for pretty much everyone.”  Hmmm… 

Color: When Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor came out, I already owned a lot of reds, but Fear of Red Lipstick kept me from wearing them on a regular basis. Having ultra-fair skin (which I’m OK with) and chap-prone lips made red a frightening prospect. It wasn’t until beauty editors and makeup artists raved about Maybelline Color Sensational Red Revival 645 being a “good red for pretty much everyone” that I finally tried it. 

Texture notwithstanding (we’ll get to that in a minute), Red Revival 645 is a classic vintage 1940’s red. In the tube, Red Revival 645’s closest match in my 96-color Crayola Crayon box is “Maroon,” but I wouldn’t call it that. There’s a little blue here, but not so much that it isn’t a “true red.” Plus, those makeup artists said “pretty much anyone” could wear it, remember? It’s a classic red that isn’t garish, and it doesn’t go tomato or make you look like you’re BFFs with a Coca Cola can.  

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival 645 next to Maroon crayon scribbles.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Left: Red Revival 645. Right: Maroon crayon scribbles. Near the bottom I blended the Red Revival out with my finger.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Unlike its matte 1940’s counterparts, Red Revival has a bit of shine to it, though not so much as to give a glossy or vinyl-like look. I think its slight shine is how Red Revival 645 manages to be sophisticated without being too overdressed. It’s also what makes it more versatile than other reds reds I own. 

Texture and Application: The consistency of Maybelline Color Sensational Red Revival is smooth and feels moisturizing going on, with the right amount of creaminess and no sticky feel. In fact, the first week I used it, I found it hydrating enough that a tube of Red Revival, mascara, and sunglasses got me through a road trip from So Cal. to Vegas without drying out my lips or sliding off my face. 

The pigments and color payoff with Red Revival are nice, with the color in the tube being the same color when applied. Its gentle shine may make you think twice if you’re seeking a classic ‘40’s look, but this shade of red is so dead-on ‘40’s when compared with descriptions in vintage magazine ads that I’m fine with it. (If you’re in need of a traditional ‘40’s matte,  blotting it down or employing the old "light dusting of powder through one layer of tissue” trick would probably work just fine. Or you could wear it as is and point out that in the ‘40’s some women topped their lipstick with a bit of Vaseline for shine if anyone quibbles at your vintage event, as noted in this Hedy Lamarr post.) 

Fragrance / Taste: There’s a slight fragrance to this product, which, being sensitive to fragrances I could do without (especially directly under my nose). Fortunately, unlike many lipsticks, it’s not heavy enough to make me cough or prevent me from wearing it. I’m not sure what the fragrance is…It seems to alternate between a vague hit of lilac and synthetic cherry, but I suspect it’s an attempt at a honey fragrance. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor contains honey nectar, and I seem to recall buying a similarly scented honey soap a while back. 

Wear: For its level of moisturizing, the wear of Color Sensational in Red Revival 645 was surprisingly good. As with any red, there was some migration, but not as bad as some. It wasn’t as long lasting as a matte of course, but it didn’t go orangey, get cakey, or wear off too quickly. There was still a bit of stain on my lips after drinking a glass of water, and the moisturizing level made it worth reapplying, so I was fine with it. 

After the first time I tested this, for longer wear, I lined with my favorite nude lip pencil and applied the Color Sensational Red Revival with a lip brush, blotting with tissue between coats. For the afore-mentioned Vegas road trip I started the day this way, then reapplied touchups straight from the tube, and it held up just fine. 

There will be transfer if you kiss someone while wearing this, so consider yourself warned. And yes, there is enough pigment here to stain if you get it on fabric, so watch those collars, Ladies!

The packaging of Maybelline Color Sensational has a thoughtful feature I like a lot: the color of the tube represents the color range of the product. Reds come in red tubes, pinks in pink tubes, and so on. This makes it easy to grab the right color in a hurry and helps keep things organized. 

Although I haven’t tried it, I’ve read some shades of Maybelline Color Sensational work well as cream blushes, too. Good to know, if you want to pare down for travel, or if you’ve ever bought a lipstick only to get home to discover you don’t have the right blush. 

Would I buy Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival 645 again? Yes! When I first tried it a little over a year ago, it didn’t take long to become one of my favorite reds, and it still is. It’s an excellent value for its $7.49US price, and I get compliments when I wear it. Consider my Fear of Red Lipstick officially gone. 

Score: 9 out of 10. 

Top: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival 645. Bottom: Maroon crayon scribbles.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Red Revival on the left, Maroon crayon on the right.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

In real life, these colors aren't quite this bright. (Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

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