Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Bonus: 1940's Makeup Myths and More Hedy Lamarr

Happy Saturday!

When you write a post about someone deemed "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World," many wonderful photos have to be left out. Some don’t fit into the proposed layout, and you have to kill others to keep things short.

Hedy Lamarr may be new to some of you, so I didn't want you to miss out. When it comes to makeup, Ms. Lamarr is my favorite vintage inspiration. There’s a lot to be learned by looking at her portraits. Look closely, and you'll see they dispel some of  what we’ve been taught about late 1930’s and 1940's makeup looks...most notably:

1. The myth of bare eyes with dark lips. Even in the ‘40’s, Ms. Lamarr's eyes often had more going on than just mascara and liner.

2. The myth that the '40's lip was always matte. While it's true the lipstick of the day was only available in matte formula, it was sometimes topped or mixed with potted lip gloss (usually a homemade concoction) or Vaseline to give a bit of shine or to make it more sheer.


Perfectly balanced eyes and lips. Note the highlighter placement. (Photo: unknown--Hurrell?--via

Algiers, 1938 (Photo: unknown, via Wikipedia)

In an Adrian creation for Ziegfield Girl, 1941 (Photo: unknown, via )
 You can see several shades of eyeshadow went into this "bare"eye. (Photo: unknown, via
Lady of the Tropics, 1938. Love the makeup so much I had to include it again. (Photo: unknown, via Fansshare)
(Photo: unknown, via
(Photo: unknown, perhaps Geroge Hurrell, via

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