Friday, June 27, 2014

New Feature Page on CosmeHaul: The CosmeHaul Shop

Greetings, Cosme-Haulers,

Just in time for your weekend, we've added another new feature to Cosme-Haul:
The Cosme-Haul Shop!

The Cosme-Haul Shop is designed to save you time and money. Each week, we hand pick our favorite deals from around the 'net and post them in the Shop, just for readers of Cosme-Haul. It's your one-stop shop for great deals on cosmetics and fashion from a variety of companies.

For our first edition of The Cosme-Haul Shop, this week we focus on cosmetics and hair products. Among others you'll find Beauty Encounter, C.O. Bigelow, Folica, Juice Beauty, Kate Somerville, Avon, and even Too Faced. Next week, you'll see something different.

In full disclosure, the featured companies are our affiliates, and we do earn a small commission from purchases, which we then put back into Cosme-Haul. But we're extremely picky about which companies and products we choose to be affiliated with, and each deal we post in the Cosme-Haul shop has to be approved by me personally.

In other words: if I wouldn't shop there, it doesn't make it into The Cosme-Haul Shop. That's my personal pledge to you, and it's one of the criteria I use when choosing companies to feature in the Shop.

Most of all, it's important to me to choose companies and products that you actually want to see and shop.

If there's a company you like to buy from that you don't see in The Cosme-Haul Shop, let us know by emailing us at cosmehaul (at) g mail (dot) com with "CosmeHaul Shop" in the subject line or Tweeting me @CosmeHaul and we'll look into it. And if we've featured one of your favorites, let me know that too, so we can keep it in the line-up for you.

And now to get back to working on makeup reviews, which you'll see here next week...

Thanks as always, for being part of Cosme-Haul!

Randi Reed
Founder and Publisher, Cosme-Haul
June 27, 2014

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