Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cosme-Haul's Editor's Update Tuesday 7/22/14: Mötley Nails and Shop Maintenance

Hello, Cosme-Haulers,

My other gig kept me away yesterday (Mötley Crüe homecoming show at the Hollywood Bowl!!!), so this week's content schedule is a little different as we get back to work at Cosme-Haul with the intro to "Kickstart My Heart" and visions of pyro still dancing in our heads.

I'll be doing maintenance in the Cosme-Haul Shop today and tomorrow to add new sales, so you'll may see the Cosme-Haul Shop page disappear and reappear. It will be back. As usual, I'll edit an update into this post when I'm finished. [--DONE, with a bunch more new sales to come this weekend.]
Also be on the lookout for a new product review later this week[--its up but the light was funky so it still needs its photos] and in honor of Mötley's show last night, a tutorial for my "Hollywood Blvd." manicure. [--that one's still coming, as it was also a temporary victim of bad lighting.]

Have a great day, 'Haulers!