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Cosme-Haul Product Review: MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in Taffy

By Randi Reed

FTC Disclosure: I purchased this product myself after receiving a small sample of it in my monthly Birchbox subscription,which I pay for myself. The Birchbox link in this article is our afiliate referral link.

Today’s product review is MAKE Cosmetics Silk Cream Lipstick in “Taffy”. MAKE Cosmetics is a New York-based line that donates a significant portion of its sales to the We See Beauty Foundation, which supports women-led, worker-based cooperatives.

Color: MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in “Taffy” is pink, but it’s not a straightforward, cool pink. "Taffy"'s pink isn’t the least bit Icy, Baby, Bubblegum, or ‘60’s. There’s just enough mauve mixed with the tiniest bit of brown to make it lean more neutral. It's the kind of pink that can be worn with certain shades of brown eye shadow for a sophisticated daytime look.

The closest Crayola Crayon match I could find in my trusty 96-color box was "Tickle Me Pink" which wasn't neutral enough. It was a little closer when I blended "Taffy" out to a blur.

MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in "Taffy" has a creamy, semi-matte texture, which I found wearable and flattering. It wasn't at all the dry, velvet-textured matte that makes your lips look drier and thinner. The finish of MAKE's Silk Cream Lipstick in "Taffy" was just right.

"Taffy"photographed on bight white paper in morning sun.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Texture and Application
: MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in "Taffy" felt great going on. It was creamy and moisturizing without sliding around and felt only slightly drier than stick lip balm. In fact, in terms of application feel, the only real differences I could tell between “Taffy” and a lip balm stick were the coverage and color--and that it didn’t seem to want to slide all over my face.

I loved the moisturizers in this lipstick. To further test them,
I tried MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in "Taffy" without wearing lip balm underneath and didn't feel like I needed it.
As a summer lip it didn’t feel like it was going to melt or slide off, yet it wasn’t drying. For winter wear, it didn’t feel like it would add to the problem of dry, chapped lips (though I might add a lip balm then for extra protection).

The faceted, geometric shape of this lipstick made it easy to apply straight from the tube.

The faceted shape of MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick makes it easy to apply.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Fragrance / Taste: If all lipsticks tasted like MAKE Silk Lip Cream in "Taffy", I’d be one happy camper. It had an extremely light vanilla taste that didn’t go down my throat, give me a headache, or cause my allergies to make me wheeze. A high-end lipstick I can actually wear despite my sensitivities to fragrance? Yes and yes!

Wear: MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in "Taffy" didn’t slide around as much as a lot of moisturizing lipsticks. I tested it without liner, but as usual, after drinking water my top lip needed a bit of help from my favorite Smashbox The Nude Liner for extra insurance. The color lasted extremely well, though.

Unlike many pinks, “Taffy” didn’t oxidize or turn orangey on me.

Misc. Pros and Cons and Tips:
I liked that MAKE doesn’t engage in animal testing, and that the formula contains some good stuff: antioxidants, aloe, chamomile, and rosehip, avocado, soybean, and safflower oils and doesn’t contain parabens. (It does contain lanolin oil and beeswax, so it’s not vegan.)

I liked that the packaging has small features to make using this product easier. For one, the tube is square, so it can’t roll off your vanity. Most importantly, the cover of the lipstick firmly clicks on without coming off in your makeup bag or purse. You’d have to really abuse it to make it come off in transit. And as I mentioned earlier, the faceted shape of the lipstick itself, which makes precision application easy even without a brush.

I also like that MAKE Cosmetics are made in the U.S. (by the same company NARS used when they started), and that, depending on the source, between ten percent and thirty percent of this brand’s sales go to support women-led cooperatives.

I had to think really hard to come up with a negative about this product. The only negative I could come up with might be lack of availability. (I buy mine from Birchbox, and Barneys New York carries an exclusive collection of MAKE products.)
Would I buy it again? I would, and I did! MAKE Silk Lip Cream Lipstick in “Taffy” has become my go-to nude lip color, as most shades typically called “nude” either make me look ill or are too dark for me. "Taffy"'s neutral pink goes with everything, so it’s the lipstick I reach for when I can’t seem to find the right color.

At US$25.00, this isn’t cheap lipstick, but the moisturizers in it make it feel like a two-in-one product. I also like that a significant percentage of the sales goes toward a good cause.

Score: 1-10: 9.5

MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in "Taffy".
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

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