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Cosme-Haul Product Review: Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer Shade: Dahlia Pixie Dust

By Randi Reed

FTC Disclosure; I purchased this product myself.

Zoya is a nail polish brand with great magazine ads. A cosmetics ad with great product photography reels me in every time, and several times a season, the power of Zoya’s ads further contributes to my title of Cosme-Hauler. Recently, in the name of, uh…product research--yeah that’s it, product research--I bought six different Zoya shades.

Today we’ll focus on Dahlia Pixie Dust, a black Pixie Dust matte sparkle I’d never got ‘round to purchasing from Zoya’s Fall 2013 collection. (Too many choices, so little time…)

Zoya Dahlia Pixie Dust. (Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Color: Dahlia Pixie Dust is a black with silver and pewter grey sandy glitter particles. Described on Zoya’s website as a “sandy matte glitter” or “sugared sparkle” with a “matte sparkle formula,” in the bottle, Dahlia Pixie Dust reminds me of a mashup of lurex and asphalt. Alternating between tough and elegant, Dahlia Pixie Dust is a color that could go either way, making it a versatile shade to own.

Dahlia Pixie Dust dries matte black with a sandy texture and lots of fine, sugary silver and pewter sparkle. Dry, in some lighting, it reads more dark grey than black. In other light, it reminds me of the sparkly type of asphalt used on some L.A. streets (including Hollywood Blvd., which is why I used it as a topper for my Hollywood Blvd. Manicure).

I found the Zoya website photo of the completed manicure to be very accurate in depicting the Dahlia Pixie Dust after it’s dry.

Texture and Application: Having never used Zoya’s Pixie Dust polishes before and taking note that there are special application instructions on the Zoya website, I expected a difficult-to-handle product. I was pleased to find Dahlia Pixie Dust applied easily, with good flow off the brush and no more mess than a typical polish. Its fine sparkle particles
didn’t gap or get caught in the little trough between the side cuticle and the nail, which I liked. (If you've used Zoya Vega Magical Pixie Dust, Dahlia's particles are much finer.)

Odor-wise, this polish wasn’t the greatest, but not the worst, either. It was manageable and lessened fairly quickly as the polish dried.

Dahlia Pixie Dust covered well, and two medium coats did the job perfectly, with a not-too-long drying time in between. (When using as a topper, one thin-to medium coat worked great.)

Wear: Wanting to keep the matte finish, I did not apply a top coat. Wear was better than expected, and without a base or top coat my mani lasted about six days with minimal touch ups. Rather than chipping, the sandy texture mostly sort of thinned out over time, which I felt was a little easier to maintain than regular nail polish. (Had I followed Zoya's complete instructions using their prep and topper products, I think the wear time advertised on the Zoya website is probably achievable.)

Removal: I found Dahlia Pixie Dust surprisingly easy to remove compared to other textured polishes and glitters. I used Cutex Advance Revival Nail Polish Remover (which does contain) and needed two thick round Swissper pads, plus a third to go over all the nails before applying new polish.

Pros and Cons, and Tips: I wasn’t crazy about the odor, but it was doable. Before application, I recommend being extra thorough about twirling the bottle between your hands to mix the polish thoroughly. (This polish didn’t bubble, so I gave it a few hard shakes, too.)

The tips of your nails will be a bit rough from the sandy texture, so if you wear contact lenses, I recommend smoothing the tips of your nails with a nail file or emery board after your polish dries to avoid damaging your contacts or scratching your eye.

According to the Zoya website, Zoya is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor, which is a nice plus.

This polish is one of the components of my Hollywood Blvd. Manicure.  Click here to see how to do it. (In progress- coming soon)

Would I buy this product again? Yes.
This product performed well above my expectations, and I was pleased with it. At US$10 per bottle, it was reasonably priced, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it to get a variety of looks.

Score 1-10: 8.5

(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Available online, in salons, spas, and at selected drugstores.

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