Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Week's Cosme-Haul Shop Sales Are Up! Plus, How I Choose the Deals for the Shop

Greetings, Cosme-Haulers,

This week's deals are up and live in the Cosme-Haul Shop! Many of our readers are heading back to school this week, so I've included extra deals for clothes, plus a new site for school supplies and an organizing site full of stuff for your dorm room--or just for organizing all those cosmetics!

Choosing deals and shopping sites our readers want is important to me, so if there's a shopping site you'd like to to see in the Cosme-Haul Shop, drop me a line at cosmehaul (at) g mail (dot) com  and let me know. Or, feel free to DM me on Twitter @CosmeHaul.

If you're in the U.K. or E.U. and would like to be able to shop from our site, let me know that, too, and what your favorite online retailers are.

So, how does a deal make it into the Cosme-Haul Shop? While it's true that shopping sites featured in the Cosme-Haul Shop are our affiliates, being an affiliate doesn't automatically get you into the Shop. Only about a fourth to a third of our total affiliates make the cut in any given week, because I want to make The Cosme-Haul Shop a consistently good use of your time as a reader.

When I choose the deals that go into the Cosme-Haul Shop each week, I take several factors into consideration. Number one is always, "Would I actually shop there myself?" If the answer is no, it doesn't get in. If the answer is no consistently, that affiliate gets dropped.

Next is, "Are they offering good value for our readers this week?" Often that means "does that retailer have a good sale", but not always. For example, Too Faced is one of my favorite brands for eyeshadows, so if they have a new collection, they stand a good chance of making it into the Shop because I know they provide good value for the money.

The next thing I consider is variety: have I chosen retailers in a variety of price ranges? Do the retailers represented in the Shop represent a large segment of our readership? And while this one isn't always easy due to affiliate availability, are Plus-sized readers represented somewhere in the Shop? Those are just a few of the things I consider when curating that week's retailers.

When I have the basic list, I begin gathering and assembling the links in the Cosme-Haul Shop. Along the way, there are always deals that come in late that we don't want you to miss, causing some shuffling and reshuffling, which keeps things interesting. Then a quick prayer to the Blogger formatting gods, and if all goes well, it goes up.

On average, from plan to publish, it takes about fifteen hours to put together the deals for the Cosme-Haul Shop each week, plus maintenance as links expire when things go off sale.

So, for those who were wondering, that's the process. We value your time, and we appreciate it when you choose to spend it here on Cosme-Haul.

Thanks for reading!