Saturday, October 11, 2014

KISS Makeup How-To with Gene Simmons and Daughter Sophie (Coolest Makeup Tutorial Ever: Gene Shows How to Do His KISS Demon Character Stage Makeup)

Gene Simmons shows how to do KISS makeup for his onstage character, The Demon, in what has to be the coolest makeup tutorial ever.

In this video from, Gene Simmons, with his daughter Sophie as his model, teaches you the exact makeup application process and techniques he uses for stage makeup for his character, The Demon, before every KISS performance.

In addition to the how-to, Gene gives you tips on what products and brands he uses for his KISS makeup, how to get precise, clean, lines, and how to set the makeup for performing under hot lights. He also gives you a final tip about the red product he uses before he goes onstage to bring it all together and make the makeup "pop". (Whoda thunk???)

Well done, Gene and Sophie, and thanks for the makeup lesson! 

Happy Halloween! ...or Happy Just Another Saturday Night. No judgment here...

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