Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cosme-Haul Covenant House Donation Update for the Terracycle Garnier Cosmetic Packaging Recycle Drive, and 3 Things You Can Do to Get Involved

Salutations (as Charlotte would say)!

This week we sent another Garnier Personal Care and Beauty Brigade empty packaging shipment to Terracycle. That means more proceeds for Covenant House, our chosen charity.

Our most recent collection efforts have provided school supplies for four students (or four days for one student) through Covenant House's program for young adult students, which helps homeless, runaway, and at-risk young adults ages 18-21 go to college.

With our leftover points, we were also able to adopt 900 square feet of wildlife land, which, while not a lot, gets combined with others' Terracycle donations to help protect wildlife around the borders of Yellowstone Park.

The used plastic packing we send in is recycled into things like park benches and garbage cans for various parks around the US.

Not bad for a bunch of empty makeup and hair products packaging, eh? 

We're stepping up our recycling efforts for various products even more for 2015.  In additon to the other collection Brigades we're part of, we've signed up for the Tom's of Maine Nature Care Brigade, which, in addition to natural personal care product packaging, collects even more hard-to-recycle items most recycling programs don't accept.

Here are 3 things you can do:

1. Join a collection Brigade! For a list of other collection programs you, your office, or your school can take part in, check out the Terracycle website.

Terracycle makes it easy and provides free shipping with labels you print from Terracycle website, as well as signage you can download and print.

Our favorite part? A lot of Terracyle's recycling programs are for things our regular recycling program doesn't accept!

2. Encourage Garnier to extend its Terracycle Personal Care and Beauty Brigade sponsorship, which recycles hard-to-recyle items like mascara and lipstick tubes, plastic compacts, and other makeup packaging, along with other kinds of personal care and beauty packaging. They're doing a great thing!

You can  encourage Garnier to continue their sponsorship of the Terracycle Personal Care and Beauty Brigade by reaching out to them through the list of contact channels on this page of the Garnier website.

3. Encourage your other favorite beauty brands to sponsor their own Terracycle packaging Brigades.

While you're at it, encourage your favorite salon and other favorite places of business to participate in Terracycle programs, too...either by becoming a collection location for the public, or just by collecting from their employees and having them vote on a favorite charity.

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