Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fragrance Reviews on Cosme-Haul, and the Trolling Problem for Reviews at Fragrantica

Fragrance reviews on Cosme-Haul will be here starting this week!

Many of us love to perfume or cologne but are sensitive to certain ingredients or components in them, as I am. For, us, sensitivity to certain fragrances or ingredients doesn't necessarily mean we want to go totally "fragrance free". We just have to approach it a little differently.

The exact approach is different for everyone. For me, that means sometimes I can use "regular" fragrances, provided I've wear-tested it with a sink in close proximity to wash it off if there's a problem.

With that in mind, starting this week we're adding fragrance reviews to Cosme-Haul. I'll also be including reviews I recently posted on Fragrantica under username CosmeHaul, as I own the copyrights to my content.

Trolling has unfortunately become a major problem over at Fragrantica, severely affecting the peer review vetting process, and in return, the reliability of the information on the site. The trolling downvoted--and in some cases made disappear--many excellent, well-liked, well-respected reviews by longtime reviewers.

Hopefully, Fragrantica editors will find a way to get it sorted out, because it had been an excellent site.

Meanwhile, if you were a Fragrantica reviewer whose previously high-scoring reviews were affected by trolling, I'll consider posting yours here as well, provided the review is well-written and you don't work for the fragrance company you're writing about. You must also follow Cosme-Haul's policies for FTC Disclosure. Contact me via email (cosmehaul (at) g mail (dot) com to discuss it. (No attachments, please. I don't open them, and submitting a review before talking with us wastes your time, as it might not fit our needs.)

Thanks, as always, for being a reader of Cosme-Haul!

Randi Reed
Founder, Cosme-Haul