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Review: Maybelline Master Kajal Waterproof Cream Kohl Eyeliner by Eyestudio (Shade: Onyx Rush #510 and Charcoal Skies #520)

By Randi Reed

For this drugstore eyeliner product review, I tested two shades of Maybelline Master Kajal Waterproof Cream Kohl Eyeliner: Onyx Rush #510, and Charcoal Skies #520. ”Waterproof”…Would that make Maybelline Master Kajal a good candidate for stage makeup under hot lights? Cosme-Haul decided to find out.

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Maybelline Master Kajal Waterproof Cream Kohl Eyeliner was inspired by the cone-shaped kohl sticks available in many countries around the world. Traditionally, the side of the product is used to draw around the waterline. The Maybelline website also suggests using the side of the product as a top lash liner.

Master Kajal in Charcoal Skies (Top) and Onyx Rush (in package).
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Ever the rule breaker, I tried the traditional waterline and top lash line methods, plus tightlining and as an all-around lashliner. Considering Maybelline Master Kajal’s potential as multipurpose inexpensive stage makeup, I also applied the Charcoal Skies shade all over the lid as eyeshadow, blending past the crease with a Q-tip.

Color—Onyx Rush #510: Onyx Rush is a typical matte black. I expected something highly pigmented with a bit of shine, as depicted in Maybelline ads for Master Kajal, but it was neither. Less-intense shades of black work better with my skin tone, so I was OK with that, but you might not. Looking for something extremely opaque and a little glam? This ain’t it!

Color—Charcoal Skies #520: The name “Charcoal Skies” is perfect for this shade of Maybelline Master Kajal by Eyestudio Cream Kohl Eyeliner, because it’s the exact color of charcoal dust. The finish is matte, and its nearest Crayola Crayon shade is a light, fuzzy version of “Black”.

Charcoal Skies (Top) and Onyx Rush (Bottom) with black Crayon.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Clockwise: Black Crayon, Charcoal Skies and Onyx Rush.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Scribbled on the back of my hand, Charcoal Skies and Onyx Rush looked nearly the same. When applied around the eyes, the difference between the shades was dramatic: Charcoal Skies is much softer than Onyx Rush. As a topliner on my fair skin, Charcoal Skies #520 reminds me of the now discontinued “Soft Black” eyeliner pencil by another brand. Applied as an eyeshadow, it read grey.

Texture and Application: Maybelline Master Kajal Cream Kohl Liner was drier and waxier than I expected, given product descriptions of “precious oils for a creamy glide.” I find Urban Decay 24/7, Smashbox Limitless, and Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner far creamier, in a much less fragile pencil form.

Because the entire product is exposed and prone to breakage, a light touch was required with Master Kajal. As a waterliner, going over the waterline a few times for coverage was necessary to build up the product. Charcoal Skies #520 went onto the waterline unevenly and needed more passes than Onyx Rush #510, which went on more evenly.

Conversely, for application as a lash liner, I preferred Charcoal Skies because it looked better with my skintone.

Application from the side of the cone as directed took a little practice; I made a total mess around my left eye the first time. Avoiding poking myself in the contact lens with the end of a pencil is certainly a plus, though, and the conical shape was perfect for two things:

For tightlining, Onyx Rush was the perfect color and texture, and the conical shape made it easy to get between and under the top lashes. For use as an eyeshadow stick, Charcoal Skies' cone shape helped it go on with quick precision, and it was easy to blend with a Q-tip.

Master Kajal in Charcoal Skies (Top) and Onyx Rush (Bottom).
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

Fragrance / Taste: Maybelline Master Kajal had no scent of any kind.

Wear: Maybelline Master Kajal Waterproof Cream Eyeliner has a great concept, but when it comes to wear, the product fails completely. “Waterproof” it is not--especially on the waterline, which the product was designed for--and when allergies made my eyes water, my topliner ran and blotted off onto a tissue.

Unfortunately, Maybelline Master Kajal Waterproof Cream Eyeliner was only waterproof when applied as an eyeshadow. As an eyeshadow, Charcoal Skies lasted most of the day.
Worse, within a few hours, Onyx Rush deposited little flakes which looked like mascara flakes all around my undereye area. A bunch of them collected in my tear ducts as well, making me look like the victim of a punk rock sandman. When your eyeliner has more flakey fallout than your black eyeshadow and you're not wearing mascara, all you can say is…WTF???

There was also a lot of smudging under my eyes…but unfortunately not in the cool, “lived in” sort of way some eyeliners smudge. Most of it came from my waterline which migrated to my undereye area and was a horrible mess in a matter of a few hours.

Removal of what was left at the end of the day (mostly what I’d applied as eyeshadow) was extremely easy with a Simple Facial Cleansing cloth.

Is this product a viable candidate for stage makeup?
No. As liner it was a bad mess. It worked well as an eyeshadow stick (though not for oily skin) when applied to the lids and blended slightly with a Q-tip, but I can’t see traveling with such a fragile product for that.

Misc. Pros and Cons and Tips: The cone shape of the product works well and doesn’t need sharpening when rotated regularly during use but is very fragile. I’d prefer it to be a swivel-up cone. Because the entire product is exposed, it requires extra care during application and when removing and reapplying the cap.

Score: 1-10: This product’s performance varies, depending on how you apply it. As waterline eyeliner (both shades): 3. As top liner (both shades): 4. As tightliner (Onyx Rush): 4. As an eyeshadow stick (Charcoal Skies): 5. Average: 4.

 Would I buy it again? No. Maybelline Kohl Kajal Waterproof Cream Eyeliner is a great concept, but its performance doesn’t live up to its potential. Creamy eyeliner pencils do a much better job. I might buy Charcoal Skies on sale for use as an eyeshadow, but not as an eyeliner.

Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner.
(Photo: Randi Reed / Cosme-Haul.)

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